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I have a secret fear. That of dropping off the edge of the world. Taking an inadvertent sidestep and finding myself isolated and alone, watching the mainstream of society flooding past. It’s what drives me to explore themes of alienation in some of my writing.

I’m currently working on my second novel – Rooms for Lost Souls – and it has set me the challenge of taking place within the confines of a single building. My main character, Pia, is a young woman who has suffered from panic attacks since she was a teenager. A single, frightening incident sparked them (more than that I can’t say without giving too much away!). When the readers first meet her, she has been housebound for four years. As a novel of psychological suspense, it needs to entertain and challenge the reader. It allows me an imaginative free reign when it comes to explaining how she became agoraphobic and the root cause of her panic attacks – think sinister plots, murder, obsession – but my imagination can only take me so far and that is where your experience takes over.

I would love to hear your story; how you became agoraphobic, how you deal with it on a daily basis, how your friends and family react to it. No detail is too small or inconsequential because the truth is in those little details. If you chose to share your feelings, hopes, dreams then I will be honoured.

Please write your experience in the form below. It will only be seen by me (unless you choose to share it via one of the social media buttons). You are also welcome to send it anonymously. If you are happy for me to contact you for further information please do include your name and email address.

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