Editorial Services
I provide a thorough manuscript appraisal looking at both the technical side of your novel or short story - plot, character development, dialogue and pace – as well as more subtle aspects of effective story-telling such as impact, originality and how to make a reader engage emotionally.
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The Colour of Lies
What would you do if you could see the lies from the truth? Read Lezanne Clannachan's gripping new story of obsession, jealousy, and a missing girl.
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A chilling debut of first love, damage and a brutal murder Jellybird is a dark, unsettling novel of childhood secrets, and the remarkable debut novel by Lezanne Clannachan.
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Lezanne Clannachan is a writer of gripping psychological thrillers. Find out more »
Short Stories
Lezanne's short stories have either won or been shortlisted for several prizes »
Editorial Services
I can provide a thorough manuscript appraisal for your novel or short story »
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