The Colour of Lies


A gripping story of obsession, jealousy and a missing girl.

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Orange is the colour of lies…

Anna knows what lies look like. She sees them lifting off people as they speak to colour the air. Only her sister knows about Anna’s synaesthesia and how she can read a person’s emotions – even when they’re trying to hide them.

Curiosity is bright blue…

When she gets a job as a Mother’s Help to a family whose niece, Lily, is missing, Anna is given the lost girl’s room and the mystery around Lily begins to haunt her.

And envy is a treacherous yellow…

As rumours and gossip surround the family, Anna finds herself slotting into the missing girl’s life. The more she learns, the fewer people she can trust. Meanwhile, all fingers are pointing at Gabriel, the missing girl’s uncle and the one person Anna knows to be innocent. Because she alone can see his colours.

Lies colour the air orange, guilt changes it to brown, then violence turns it black.