Burial and Other StoriesThough Jellybird is her first novel, Lezanne has published many short stories. With the permission of  Fish Publishing, Cinnamon Press Awards and The New Writer,  three of her stories are offered here to download.

Lezanne’s story Burial won first prize in the 2011 Prose & Poetry Prizes at The New Writer.

Neighbourhood Watch received an Honorary Mention in the Flash Fiction Fish Prize 2012.

Monster Under the Bed was shortlisted for the Cinnamon Press Awards in 2010


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The Beautiful Symmetry of Two

(Daily Express March 18, 2013)
She’d learned the lingo, deciphered the abbreviations. But as she sat down to write her ad, the 30-word limit offended her. The way it reduced people from three-dimensional beings, flawed and fascinating, to something less human.”How can I include volunteering for the RSPCA, my landscape gardening business and my yearly trek in a couple of sentences?””Easy.” Bex Langton (mid 40s, voluptuous brunette, married with two children) popped her head round the door. “Loves animals and rambles.”

As Mini pushed back from the desk, Bex swooped in with tea and sliced Battenberg. “Fuel for the Mini,” she’d announced on arrival, Tesco’s bag in hand, a determined look in her eye.

“Everyone loves the idea of strolling hand-in-hand with a significant other,” said Bex. “Describe Charlie – he’s the kind of man you need again.”

Once more the enormity of the task overwhelmed her. Condensing a great elephant of a man – huge in stature, warmth and spirit – into a paper cut-out. For a bit of peace, she stole words and wishes from a selection of ads in the Lonely Hearts section. (read more)